Primate observation san diego zoo

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Primate behavior

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Primate Observation at the San Diego Zoo

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Primate Observation – San Diego Zoo Essay Sample

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Jul 23,  · Out of all the species of Primates that the San Diego Zoo had on display, I was drawn to a few in particular: the Squirrel Monkey, the Francois’ Langur, the Orangutans, and Siamangs.

Though others may feel that primates are not very intelligent, through observation it is clear that primates are a very intelligent and curious species.

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A Zoo for a Primate Observation 11/15/ For this paper I decided to visit Zoo Atlanta to observe lowland gorillas. I got to the zoo at around eleven in the morning and. San Diego Zoo Observations Primate Observation Primates are some of the most interesting animals to watch and learn about whether it be in person at a zoo or seeing a film or documentary on wild ones in a natural environment.


Part of this reason is due to the incredible amount of similarities found in between primates and humans. San Diego Zoo Global’s Central Africa Program runs three permanently manned field stations in the Ebo forest, in the heartland of biodiverse Cameroon, Africa. Nine species of day-living monkey species live in the Ebo forest, some of which (like the Preuss’s red colobus) are critically endangered.

Primate observation san diego zoo
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Primate Observation at the San Diego Zoo